Lucy Taking It Slow

After the first night when I jumped up on top of the buffet I’ve been very satisfied to stay close to my condo even with the door open. 

My Margret checked with her kitty friends to see if my behavior was normal. They all said it was which reassured My Margret. Since then she’s ok with me napping a lot and going at my own pace.

Both she and My Greg worked hard today changing some stuff around so when I’m ready to explore again it’s all ready. 

My Greg built a door for the bottom of the basement stairs.  It’s custom made to fit around the pipes when the door is open. Which is why there is a hole at the top. 

My Margret fixed up the mud room with a litter box since  we can’t go down the basement anymore. All of our food bins are in there so she put a gate so Linus and I can get in but the pups can’t. 

She also put a kitty climbing tower by a high up place to make it easier for me to get up and down. An added bonus it’s by the heat register so this winter if I want to I’ll have a cozy warm place to sit.

Linus  check it all out and told me all about it. He’s a good brother kitty, when he’s not being pesky.

~ this is Lucy “the going at my own pace” kitty for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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  1. Love the “look” on Linus’ face. — Sounds like Lucy realizes that things are not same yet. She is being careful — good for her. Now, rehab is at Lucy’s pace.

  2. Looks like your parents are tweaking the new normal to make it all work out for everybody. Nice of Linus to scout it all out. I LOVE your kitty tower. It’s like steps to get up high. Perfect.

    Love and licks,

    • Hi Cupcake! They are taking good care of me. I’m starting to get used to everything. ~rumbly purrs Lucy

    • Hi Maggie! Linus has been practicing climbing the tower so he can tell me the best way to do it! ~ rumbly purrs Lucy

    • Thanks Mia, it sure feels good to be better. I’m looking forward to trying all the things they fixed up for me. ~rumbly purrs Lucy

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