Then And Then And Then…

So there’s been a lot going on here at our house. A new little person was born 3 weeks ago and that started it all.

First My Margret and My Greg were gone overnight then they came home.

Then My Margret wasn’t here.

Then she was but My Greg wasn’t here.

Then My Greg was here but My Margret wasn’t.

Then My Margret came home and we had a lot of people here for a few days. When they left so did My Margret. But My Greg was here.

Then we had a blizzard and no power for several hours.

Then yesterday My Margret came home for good.

My sisters and I took turns sitting with her. So she knew we were glad to see her. Um it might also have been because she had popcorn…

Bessie and BonnieBelle and Bonnie

Then last night both My Greg and My Margret were gone. Luckily for them they weren’t gone very long.

When they finally sat down last night I made sure My Margret didn’t go anywhere. How did I do that you ask? Why I sat on her of course! FYI She couldn’t take a picture of that because I wouldn’t let her up to get her phone.

This is Bessie “the everyone is back where they belong” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

Note from Margret: The past few weeks have been very busy but joyous. Our 7th grandchild was born in early November. I went to lend a hand after they came home from the hospital. Greg traveled to see our 2 oldest grandsons play in the AP All American Bowl. Then we were home Thanksgiving weekend and had lots of fun extended and immediate family time. That weekend ended with everyone heading back home before the blizzard hit. I returned to help out with the new baby returning home yesterday.

The pups and kitties handled everything well. Although they did let both Greg and I know that they missed us. They enjoyed some extra love and cuddles Thanksgiving weekend. BonnieBessieBelle

Belle and her Greg

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  1. It makes me so sad when kids are afraid of dogs. Your grandchildren are being raised loving dogs, and that will always enrich their lives and, I believe, help them be better, more empathetic adults. Good job, Bonnie, Belle and Bessie!

    • Thank you, its a continual work in progress. I’m happy that we’ve come as far as we have. Our grandkids enjoy Linus and Lucy Kitties too.

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