New Weekend Tradition or Girls Go Get Greg!

A few weeks ago we started a new weekend ritual where the pups get to wake Greg up.  It doesn’t matter what they are doing when they hear the words “Girls, where’s Greg? Go get Greg” they stop what they are doing and run straight to the closed door leading upstairs and wait not so patiently for me to open the door.

Yesterday morning I said those magic words and Belle got up from where she was laying, cocked her head at me started to run to the door only to pause to make sure her sister Bonnie was coming from the kitchen to get in on the fun then paused again in the dining room to greet Lucy kitty who was sitting on the computer table only to come to a skidding halt before the closed door.  where she looked at me as if to say “Hurry, hurry Greg’s up there. I gotta go!” All of this took maybe 30 seconds.

As soon as I opened the door the pups bounded up the first flight of stairs, skidded around the corner to the second flight. Ran into our bedroom and in a flying leap landed on Greg thereby waking him up. I personally think the sound of pounding paws on the hardwood floor wakes him but either way the job gets done. 

I love to hear him say “Good morning girls, how are my girly pups?”   According to Greg, Belle after making sure he is awake will run into the bathroom where she searches for the bar of soap that tastes so good to her. While Bonnie quietly sits beside him so he can pet her, and pet her, and pet her some more.  I have asked him if he wants me to stop having the girls wake him up and he just grins and says “No, that’s ok.”  So a tradition is born.

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  1. Good Traditions!!! As long as Greg likes it and the picture you describe is really humorous! They can get by with little things that humans might not get by with so easily.
    Have fun and keep making traditions to share with all of us and with your grand kids!

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