Today’s Dose of Cute ~Belle and Bessie Pups and a Bit More…

“Bessie, if you stay over there you won’t get that purple sticky stuff on you that’s falling from the sky.” ~ Belle and Bessie Pups

The rest of the story:

Some of the branches from a mulberry tree are high above the pup pen. There is a bumper crop this year and a lot of the berries have fallen into their pen. Yesterday the Pups My Greg swept up the berries and put down tarps for easier pick up. While their My Margret gave two purple polka dotted pups (Bessie and Bea) a bath yesterday to get the sticky juice off of their fur. They are the roughhousing pups who take turns rolling on the ground in the berries. 🙄

Bea Puppy
Bessie Pup

Two wet dogs, 6 soaked towels, 1 equally soaked My Margret and 1/4 jar of peanut butter later I got the worst of the juice out of their fur. 🙄😂

There’s never a dull moment with this crew!