I’m 16 Weeks Old!

I’m 16 weeks old and weigh 28 lbs now!

I went to see Dr.Boles this morning for my last round of shots and to get my microchip. The treats were so yummy I didn’t even notice when I got my shots.

I was so excited and wiggly while we waited that I might have had a potty accident but they didn’t mind. I also got to play with my toy, practice sit AND play find it.

Dr. Boles said I was a good girl and she was going to miss seeing me every few weeks. I like her too, she gives me ear ruffles and did I mention the yummy treats?

~this is Bea “the I’m 16 weeks old” Pup for the Pups and Kitties

Tennis Ball Fun

I had my first lesson in how much fun tennis balls are!

Do you want to watch me chase them?

If you want to hear what a good girl I am (and My Margret sounding goofy) turn up the sound

I can’t wait for my next tennis ball lesson. I heard My Margret say something about finding treats?

this is Bea “the tennis balls are fun” Puppy for the Pups and Kitties