Happy Birthday Bessie Pup!

Happy 8th Birthday Bessie Pup! You are our bouncy girl, the watcher over and alerter of all things outside, especially those pesky whatchamacallits that show up frequently. Best friend of Herbert the Hedgehog and carrier of all things stuffies. You make us laugh and brighten our days. We love you sweet pup. 💕

Today’s Dose of Cute ~ Bea Pup

Today’s dose of cute is brought to you by Bea Pup ~ I know I have three other tennis balls that I can play with. But I want the one by the big stick will you please help me get it? (With me body blocking the “big stick” (broom) Bea was brave enough to get the ball she had been barking about for 5 minutes. ~ Bea’s My Margret) 💕