The Healing Begins

As folks know Bea puppy instantly bonded with Bonnie Pup while Belle and Bessie Pups tended to not be as tolerant of the frisky youngster. Today Greg looked through the window of the pup porch door to see Belle and Bea snuggled together. Looks like Belle is stepping up to the big sister plate for Bea Puppy. Yes, it brought tears of happiness to see this. The healing begins ~ the pups My Margret

Bonnie Pup 2012-2020

Abbott’s Timber Creek Bonnie Belle

Our Bonnie Pup unexpectantly passed during the night. We know she is comparing notes on all of us with Murphy, Tess and Abby Pups.

She was our silly pup. The princess of comfortable places. She knew when someone needed some extra attention and was always happy to let them pet and cuddle her for as long as they wanted.

Thank you Bonnie for bringing us joy and laughter. We love you and you will be sorely missed sweet pup.