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The Flappy Door Thingy

So yesterday My Greg put up a new door to our pup porch. This one is weird though because it has a flappy door thingy in the bottom part of the door.

After it was put in my sisters and I tried to figure out how it worked. My Margret and My Greg helped us. First we went out…

Then we went back in…

It was fun because well there were treats of course. Good ones like hot dogs and cheese.

I got used to using it the fastest and like to go back in almost as soon as I go out. My Margret looks at me and says “oh, you’re back already!” I know that means she glad to see me.

Belle took a little bit longer and because she polite she will wait for someone to say “Belle, you can come in!” Unless My Margret and I are playing with the tennis ball outside then she just runs on out through the flappy door!

Bessie has taken the longest to get used to it. She barks at it a lot to try and make it open. She and My Margret have practiced in and out lots of times today. Where My Margret will be on one side of the flappy door holding a bite of cheese and Bessie walks through and gets to eat the cheese. They do that several times each time they’ve practice in and out. Bessie doesn’t mind the flappy door now. Wait…hmmm I wonder if Bessie planned it that way the whole time just to get more cheese!!!

~ this is Bea “the we’ve got a flappy door thingy” Pup for the Pups and Kitties