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Bessie Pup and the Girlish Figure.

So I had my check up today and the vet told me I was a very good girl! But he also said that I am a big girl and need to lose about 10lbs to get my girlish figure back. He said it will help me move around better as I’m starting to slow down just a bit and it’s sometimes takes more effort to stand up after a nap. There was a lot of talk about calories to help me get to my goal but I sorta tuned all of that out. I was still processing what he said and hoping I would still get my snacks and morning bite of cheese.

My Margret hugged me and said not to worry it would all be fine. I did manage to get an extra treat from the vet when I went up to him and sat like the good girl that I am and yep you guessed it he laughed and gave me one more treat for the road.

~ Bessie Pup