Lucy Kitty

Lucy Kitty

Lucy Kitty

I don’t write about Lucy Kitty very often because she prefers it that way.  She is the very determined matriarch of our 4 footed family who keeps everyone including her people in line but she also likes her space and her alone time. Boy, can I relate to that!

Lucy was born on our farm 13 years ago and while she was still a young kitten barely old enough to climb she climbed up to our landing windows and meowed to be let in.  Fearing this tiny kitten would fall I brought her in and gently placed her back outside.  This happened several times that day (did I mention she is determined? Add persistent to that list as well.) That evening during supper I asked Greg if we could please bring her in the house to join our Pete cat who was about a year old.  Greg agreed and in she came.

She is a vocal kitty who will answer if you call to her, well at least most of the time.  She keeps me company while I am working on the computer and insists on starting each day by gently bumping my forehead.  Luce has seen many changes in her time with us. We have said good bye to several precious 4 footed family members and hello to new people, and new 4 footed family members. The people she tends to hide from but she has let her feelings be known when the 4 footed members join the family.  Lucy doesn’t like change so it takes her awhile to get her head wrapped around small barky pups, who don’t stay small for long and a kitten named Linus who seems to have a mind of his own and rarely does what she says.

Below are a few pictures of Lucy tending her many tasks.

Keeping the pups in line

Keeping the pups in line

Doing her owl impersonation.

Doing her owl impersonation.

Lucy's normal pose while I'm working at the computer.

Lucy’s normal pose while I’m working at the computer.

Tummy Rub Break

Taking a Tummy Rub Break

Study Partner

Study Partner

Keeper of the basket

Keeper of the Basket

Laundry Helper

Laundry Helper keeping those towels from floating away.

Relaxing after all of her hard work.

Relaxing after all of her hard work.

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  1. Hi, Lucy! I’m Noodle. I promise I won’t bark, yap, or come anywhere near you. You can have your space as long as you let me have mine. Hey, want to move here and I’ll send Jamison to your house? *ear licks* Noodle

  2. Hi Noodle,
    I really like your idea and I think Jamison and Linus would get along well. There’s only one thing…do you have high up places at your house? I love high up places. Sincerely, Lucy

  3. Margret,
    What a nice tribute to the lady who has endured so many changes! It is nice that you recognize this and appreciate how she has handled her lifestyle transitions. You wonder what goes on in her thoughts ,,,,,,,,
    Lucy has found ways to get your attention that are creative and they work!
    Have a wonderful weekend — all seven of you!

    • Hi Cody! Nice to meet you too. Do you have to keep your pup in line too? It’s a full time job for me.

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