Pup and Kitty Updates

Bess and I have started our third round of obedience classes. In class we are reinforcing polite greeting, learning how to walk next to another dog and not freak out, and how to bring her focus from what’s happening around her back to me.   Greg has been taking Bess on walks and she is using what she has learned in class on their walks.  I call that a success.

Greg likes to give the pups a treat when he brings them in the house from the pup pen.  As a result Miss Bonnie has been ringing the “gotta go ” chime  and when we go to let her out she turns around and sits which is what they are to do in order to get a treat.   If that wasn’t enough Belle and Bess now come running when they hear the bell so they can get a treat too.   They tend to give me pouty faces because I don’t give them a treat when they come in. If you can’t beat them you might as well join them and I  decided today to be consistant and am giving them treats when they come in as well. My justification besides not wanting to be the recipient of pouty faces is to use the treats as an incentive to teach Miss Bess how to be polite so she will stop pushing her sisters out of the way in her excitement over pretty much everything.

Linus and Lucy have been pretty much doing their own thing but popped in to say hi!

The pups

The pups


Hello from Linus

Hello from Linus


Boss Kitty

Boss Kitty

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  1. Manners — we all have to have them. I know that it’s the best way — even for Belle, Bonnie and Bess — Linus and Lucy — their manner disciplines are a reminder to humans — including myself! The next time I see Bess, she will have to show me a thing or two about “manners.”
    (nice snapshots)

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