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I’m FREE!!!!!


My Margret was right, today was the day! My tummy owie is all better, I’m free, I’m free, I’m free, I can play outside with my sisters and I get to sleep upstairs with the everyone else, oh, I’m free!

My Greg took me to our vet’s office this morning where they took out my stitches, looked me all over and gave me my shots.  I have an ear something or other that they gave me drops for.  I’m not sure what drops are but my big sister Belle said they’re no big deal she also said I get a treat with the drops so they must be pretty good.   I was also weighed today and  I weigh 68 lbs. The vet said  in order for me to keep my girlish figure I’m not to gain any more weight. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to do that, but my Margret will know.

Tonight  after supper I didn’t feel so good,  I got sick to my stomach and my Margret noticed that when I went out to potty it seemed that I might have eaten something that had gotten stuck in my tummy.  She gave me a little more supper and things seemed better after that.  But I noticed that both my people are watching me pretty closely.  And Me? It’s been a busy day and I’m bushed so I’m off to take a nap before bedtime.  This is Bess signing off for the Pups and Kitties ZZZzzzzz

I’M BORED!!!!!

I’m bored.


I have an owie on my tummy.  It doesn’t really hurt but it’s starting to itch, my Margret says it’s because my fur is starting to grow back.  I hope it grows fast because my tummy is cold!

I don’t understand why I can’t do what I want to do!  I can’t roughhouse with my sisters, I can’t sleep upstairs with everyone else, and I can’t go out in the pup pen with my sisters. *Humph!*

My Margret says I can do all of that again as soon as my stitches, whatever they are, come out next week, whenever that is. I just know it’s not right now, and I want it to be!

I do get to see my Greg who comes home from work in the middle of the day to let me out of my crate and play with me. When he goes back to work after our playtime, I get to stay in the house by myself, well not really by myself because Linus kitty is with me.  My Margret and my Greg tell me I’m a good girl because when they come home from work at the end of the day I haven’t done anything I wasn’t supposed to. As if I would, if they only knew that I’m the one who keeps Linus under control… well,I would if he did anything.






I was a good girl!  They told me so.


My sisters and I did get to have our peanut butter Kongs last night and mine tasted really good, although I couldn’t get it to stay still. Then I watched my sisters and saw they were holding their Kong with their paws so I tried that and it went much better.

I discovered last night that if I bark when I’m in my crate my Margret and sisters will come down to see if I’m ok.  I like that!  At midnight I got to go get a drink and run out to the pup pen.  My Margret told me we weren’t going to make it a habit.  I tried it again this morning at 4:00am  but she didn’t come down until 5:00am I’m not sure what a habit is, maybe 5:00am is a habit?


Is it morning? Can I get up yet?

I don’t mind my crate, I have a snuggly blanket, usually at least 2 stuffies and a chewie toy in my crate to keep me company.  I actually go in my crate to snuggle even when I don’t have to. That is when there’s room.

All in all I guess it’s going ok. I mean I am feeling better and my Margret says it won’t be much longer and all will go back to normal.  Now if I can just figure out what a normal is…

This is Bess, signing off for the Pups and Kitties.

*some of the photos were used in previous blog posts, but totally represent the feeling expressed in this blog. m.a.

Bess Pup Update

IMG_1192Bess is doing well.   She has discovered that being in her crate is cozy and is choosing to be there even when she doesn’t have to.

I’ve enjoyed watching Bess’s routine when she and I go out to the pup pen.  She does her business then goes to the far end of the pen, gazes out over the fields and gives a couple of barks to let the world or at least her country neighborhood know that she is on the watch, or maybe she’s just saying hello before heading back into the house.

I feel like Bess and I are bonding even closer if that’s possible.  When she needs something she comes to me and I’m getting faster at deciphering her looks.  Last night when she came up to me and I said “outside?” she licked my hand before trotting to the pup porch door. I took that as a “now you’re getting it!” lick of praise.   She is totally Greg’s pup though when she wants to cuddle, his lap and oversized recliner is her favorite place to be.

10 more days to go with her stitches then they will be removed.   Bess wasn’t impressed enough with our cone of royalty to want to wear it, yet at least, which is very good.

I know she is starting to feel better because she is getting herself into trouble.  Yesterday she snatched a sock and all three pups helped themselves to my bowl of popcorn when I forgot to put it up higher…yep things are starting to get back to normal, and boy am I glad!




Bess and Her “Lady” Surgery

Bess went in this past Monday to have her “lady” surgery.  Surgery went well and she did just fine.  When I called the next afternoon to see what time I could pick her up  they said she was doing a lot of vomiting, more than usual.  The vet tech said that while she could technically come home since the medicine for nausea seemed to be helping, it would really be better for her to stay so she could be monitored for one more night.  So that’s what we did.   I called the next morning and was told that she had eaten both supper and breakfast and that it had stayed down so we could bring our kinda of bouncy pup home.


Heading Home

Greg, who was at work, met us at home to take Bess in the house.  Our girl weighs 65 lbs and although she is learning to listen while on leash it still can be a challenge to get her attention when she is faced with an exciting world outside and wants to go in another direction than the one she needs to go in.  For her safety she needed someone with a bit, ok a lot more muscle than I have.

Once she was settled we let Bonnie and Belle in to welcome her home.


Belle was a little disgruntled until she realized that under all the hospital smells was her little pesky sister.  Of course after the sniff fest was over all three pups decided that some rough housing was in order.  Since that’s #1 on Bess’s “do not do” list I put Bonnie and Belle out in the pup pen for awhile.  Bess in the meantime followed me around when I was up doing things she was antsy when I was sitting and quiet she would lay down and watch me.




Knowing that she needed sleep I took a cup of coffee and a book and curled up quietly in the living room.  She first took a nap across the room then came over and curled up next to me, her toys never too far away from her.


Greg came home  a little while later and our evening of guessing what Bess needed, and reassuring Bonnie and Belle began.

After she at her supper Bess’s tummy was upset again although she only threw up once much later the evening.   She was anxious, and antsy with Greg and I taking turns taking her out to potty.  Bess finally crashed into a much needed sleep on the kitchen floor.  After she woke up it was time for another trip outside then I put her in her crate with some toys for the night.   I slept on the couch to be close by in case she needed anything but she slept through the night.


Why can’t I go out and dig up that scrumptious thing I smell? Why?

We’ve already been out this morning and She and I have had a discussion on why she still has to stay very quiet today.  She clearly doesn’t agree with me.

Bess is to stay very quiet for the next two days. Then for four more days she can have some more activity but is to continue to be crated when we aren’t with her and no rough housing at all.   The second week of her two week stint of recovery  she can have more activity and can go back to normal activity once her stitches are out.

If she continues to leave her incision alone she won’t have to wear the “cone of royalty” we have just in case.   I don’t like the name cone of shame and since it’s also known as an Elizabethan collar  in our home it’s been renamed the cone of royalty.  Thank you to my sister in law Barb and niece Abby for the research behind that name change.  🙂

We appreciate the thoughts, encouragement and prayers for Bess especially earlier in the week when she wasn’t able to come home as planned.    We would appreciated your prayers and thoughts as our bouncy girl continues to recover.

I tend to update our Three Pups and a Couple of Kitties Facebook page more frequently. If you haven’t done so I invite you to like our page for the most updated news.

Christmas Day and Polite Greeting


“We did it!”  After years, simply years, (well at least it felt like it) of practicing polite greeting we were able to come in and join the party!

There were so many people someone was always petting us, which was just fine with us!


Bess, getting all kinds of attention Abby and Barb


The pups sitting pretty for Aunt Marge. “We just know she’s going to give us a treat!”


Belle hanging out with Jim


Bonnie having some one on one time with Aunt Marge.



Having fun with Nancy, Jim, Mike and Abby

The surprise of the day came when we heard a quiet meow and my Margret went out to the kitchen to find Mike talking to “I love living in the basement where it’s quiet” Lucy kitty.  Then a short time later Lucy was back in the kitchen talking to Jim.  To hear my Margret and my Greg talk about it that was awesome and huge even bigger than all of us joining the party and let me tell you that was pretty big in itself!


Mike, the Lucy whisperer


Jim also the Lucy whisperer.

We still have some practicing to do. We, especially Bess, what are you going to do she’s still pretty young, were a bit bouncy when we first met people but it didn’t last long.       Then there was that time that I really needed to have some quiet time, my Margret noticed and opened the door so I could go out in our pup pen.  People get pretty noisy sometimes, I didn’t know that before.                                       All in all though we had a really fun day.  That night my Margret said to my Greg, ” I bet they’ll  sleep good tonight!”  I wonder what gave her that idea?


Bess and Linus





Oh well *yawn* I’ll figure it out later. Until next time, this is Belle signing off for the Pups and Kitties.

Lucy and Bess Update

After several days of not much happening u’m I mean transitioning I decided to cuddle Lucy and stand at the doorway between the front room where Lucy likes to hang out (when she isn’t upstairs) and the living room.  There is a child gate in the doorway which the pups could just about step over but they don’t seem to realize that and frankly I hope they never do.

Anyway, Lucy and I hung out in the doorway while Bess barked and barked and barked and barked and ….  Lucy cuddled into me, wasn’t frightened and actually was purring.   I wish I had an extra hand so I could have taken photos of Bess while she play bowed, barked to the left, barked to the right, cocked her head ect.  it was quite the show.  She occasionally would turn to look at her sisters for backup  while they pretended they weren’t there, in fact Belle went to the kitchen to ring the “gotta go chime” so she could go outside.  Needless to say that summons went unanswered. so we now had the twinkling of a wind chime mixed in with the barking.

After several minutes of this Lucy and I stepped over the child gate and into the living room.  Lucy became agitated at that point so I quickly stepped back into the front room where she jumped down and ran to the back of the room.    I took Bess out to the pup pen and went back to get Lucy to bring her back into the living room but Bonnie and Belle who know much better decided that they wanted to play and Lucy clearly didn’t.   Back to the front room she went.   After letting Bonnie and Belle out to the pup pen I went back got Lucy and brought her into the dining room.   After some cuddling and soft talking she said “thank you very much but I want to go back to my space” so that’s what we did

All in all I think it went great. Lucy gave Bess the “I am the head of the 4 footed family members and you will respect me.” look and Bess is starting to understand what her sisters learned a long time ago.    We will give it another try later this weekend but we are making headway!

Lucy Kitty Making Headway

When I came downstairs this morning I saw this.



Lucy was in the dining room on top of the buffet.

Then she saw Greg and did this

Greg and Lucy

Greg and Lucy

Bess did notice Lucy when she was cuddling with Greg and of course did the bouncy bark thing but with several “leave it’s” and the shake of the treat bag Bess obeyed and went outside for a bit.

We are definitely making headway!

Lucy Kitty and Barky Bess

Last night when it was time for bed I took down the child gate from the stairway door,  Bess ran up with me and low and behold there was Lucy kitty sitting on the stairway ledge.  Bess luckily didn’t see her and I was able to get Bess to go back downstairs. It’s amazing what a burst of energy and an excited voice will do to get a pup to obey. With Bess downstairs and the stairway door closed I scooped Lucy up and took her downstairs where I was hoping the pups were otherwise occupied.  Um, yeah so I quietly opened the door and there are all three pups staring at us. Bess barked, Lucy clawed to get down and shot up the stairs with Bess in close pursuit followed by Bonnie and Belle and me saying “Leave it Bess Leave It!”

Lucy ran and hid under the bed with the pups  Bess of course in the lead, running around the bed barking trying to get closer to Lucy.  I managed to get the pups out of the bedroom and closed the door.  I then called to Lucy, who from under the bed immediately started to tell me how she felt about all of this  came out from under the bed, let me pick her up and snuggled close purring all the while.   I simply held her for a few minutes, then I wrapped her up in a sweater to try once again to get her downstairs.  With Bess barking I tried to explain to Greg what had been happening and he was able to get the dogs into our bedroom while I got Lucy out.

Once downstairs Lucy jumped out of my arms and ran into the front room.  When I went back upstairs  I told the pups it was now bedtime and time to settle down. It took a bit but they finally did.

This morning I went out to the front room where Lucy greeted me and seemed calm. The pups were out in their pen so I carried her to her spot on the desk in front of the computer but she wasn’t ready yet and went back into the front room and that’s ok. We’re taking this slow, we don’t have a choice in that because that’s how Lucy needs it to go.  All in all we are making headway, Lucy isn’t  nearly as upset as she would have been a few days ago.  Bess even though she is barky and bouncy is listening and does “leave it” when we tell her to, well after hearing it a couple of times.   So we’re getting there and that’s encouraging.

Lucy Kitty Update and Belle News

Operation convince Lucy to stay out of the basement is going pretty well.  She is content in the front room when the pups are in the house and occasionally has been going upstairs to hang out on the steps.  She is vocal again and enjoys telling us about her day when the pups are in their pup pen. She even kept me company yesterday while I was taking a bath. All behaviors that she used to show us so I think we are on the right track.

The best news of all, yesterday I forgot to close the door to the basement and sure enough she went down to the basement, I was sad about this and was kicking myself that I had forgotten to close the door when low and behold up she comes from the basement.   We are making headway!

In Belle news I posted on the Three Pups and a Couple of Kitties Facebook Page that Bonnie and Belle had their annual vet visit and Bonnie weighed in at 63 lbs. and was healthy as could be.  Belle weighed in at 76 lbs. and has the beginnings of another ear infection.   We found out that dogs that have been spade tend to put on weight as they don’t use up energy dealing with those pesky hormones that none spade dogs do.  So we are to cut her food intake down to help her lose the 5-10 lbs. that will help her be healthier, especially important since she has hip dysplasia, and give her back her “tuck” in her tummy.

Luckily she already eats in the dining room while Bonnie and Bess eat in the kitchen so we simply put up a child gate in the doorway between the dining room and kitchen until all three pups are finished eating.  The dr. wasn’t worried about the training treats we give the pups.

The vet also told me about a study Purina did following dogs throughout their lives and it was discovered that on a scale from 1 being all bone to 9 being the fattest a dog can be, the new optimal number is 3-4 instead of 5.  If a dog is slightly on the thin side they are living up to 2 years longer than the rest.  Although our vet  stressed instead of numbers to look for a rib cage you can feel but not see, a backbone you can feel but not see and never should you see a dog’s hip bones.  The tummy tuck is when you look down on a dog’s back and it slightly tapers in by their tummy. So we are on a new quest to help our Belle retain her girlish figure.

I appreciate our veterinary clinic and our vet for taking the time to answer our questions so we can better help our pup. Oh and yep she is back on ear drops for that pesky ear infection.

That’s all for now. Have a happy Sunday everyone!

Operation Convience Lucy Kitty To Stay Out Of The Basement Day 1

So this morning as I was getting ready to leave for work I hear a faint meow that seemed to come from outside. No, wait could it possibly be coming from the basement?  I went to look and there at the bottom of the basement stairs was our Lucy Kitty.  As I knelt down and called to her, she quickly came up the stairs and into my arms where I snuggled her for several minutes while she told me all about the past few days.

In an effort to help Lucy become used to being with us and out of the basement I closed the basement door so she couldn’t go back down while we were at work.  She had access to the front room that is separated from the living room by a child gate and the upstairs door was open and blocked by a child gate as well.  Which means for her purposes when the pups are in the house those are pup free zones so in time Lucy will realize she has places that she can feel safe in.

When Greg came home from work he cuddled and petted Lucy for about 30 minutes before bringing the pups in from their pup pen.  When I came home I went out to the front room to pet her and say hi.  She seemed relaxed and calm.

After supper I went back out to the front room and gently wrapped Lucy in a towel, and while cradling her in my arms walked closer to the front room door where she could see the pups, the pups could see her but not get to her.  The entire time I was petting her and talking quietly to her  Greg was telling Bouncy Bess to “leave it” when she really, really wanted to greet Lucy. After a few minutes I put Lucy down and she retreated to the far end of the front room to the top of the futon.    I went into the living room and congratulated Bess for being a very good girl.

About 15 minutes later I went back out to Lucy, wrapped her up again and brought her into the living room where both Lucy and Bess did well.  You’ll have to use your imagination as I was too busy to take pictures but Bess really wanted to play with Lucy, but she obeyed and although she kept asking Greg “if he was sure she couldn’t play with Lucy, even if she sat?” Bess obeyed which is awesome!   Lucy purred and stayed pretty relaxed which was also awesome.    I moved from place to place in the living room with Lucy eventually taking her back out to the front room.  Once again I told both Lucy and Bess they did well and were good girls.

Tomorrow night we’ll try again and who knows Lucy and I might even get to sit down.