Lucy and Bess Update

After several days of not much happening u’m I mean transitioning I decided to cuddle Lucy and stand at the doorway between the front room where Lucy likes to hang out (when she isn’t upstairs) and the living room.  There is a child gate in the doorway which the pups could just about step over but they don’t seem to realize that and frankly I hope they never do.

Anyway, Lucy and I hung out in the doorway while Bess barked and barked and barked and barked and ….  Lucy cuddled into me, wasn’t frightened and actually was purring.   I wish I had an extra hand so I could have taken photos of Bess while she play bowed, barked to the left, barked to the right, cocked her head ect.  it was quite the show.  She occasionally would turn to look at her sisters for backup  while they pretended they weren’t there, in fact Belle went to the kitchen to ring the “gotta go chime” so she could go outside.  Needless to say that summons went unanswered. so we now had the twinkling of a wind chime mixed in with the barking.

After several minutes of this Lucy and I stepped over the child gate and into the living room.  Lucy became agitated at that point so I quickly stepped back into the front room where she jumped down and ran to the back of the room.    I took Bess out to the pup pen and went back to get Lucy to bring her back into the living room but Bonnie and Belle who know much better decided that they wanted to play and Lucy clearly didn’t.   Back to the front room she went.   After letting Bonnie and Belle out to the pup pen I went back got Lucy and brought her into the dining room.   After some cuddling and soft talking she said “thank you very much but I want to go back to my space” so that’s what we did

All in all I think it went great. Lucy gave Bess the “I am the head of the 4 footed family members and you will respect me.” look and Bess is starting to understand what her sisters learned a long time ago.    We will give it another try later this weekend but we are making headway!

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  1. It does take t-i-m-e. This is something that I need to remember. Thanks for the reminder without having to make a personal experience (boo-boo-) this time! Have a nice Friday.

    • Carolyn, you are right. We all need that reminder every now and then. And it is always nice when we don’t have to learn it the hard way.

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