I’m FREE!!!!!


My Margret was right, today was the day! My tummy owie is all better, I’m free, I’m free, I’m free, I can play outside with my sisters and I get to sleep upstairs with the everyone else, oh, I’m free!

My Greg took me to our vet’s office this morning where they took out my stitches, looked me all over and gave me my shots.  I have an ear something or other that they gave me drops for.  I’m not sure what drops are but my big sister Belle said they’re no big deal she also said I get a treat with the drops so they must be pretty good.   I was also weighed today and  I weigh 68 lbs. The vet said  in order for me to keep my girlish figure I’m not to gain any more weight. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to do that, but my Margret will know.

Tonight  after supper I didn’t feel so good,  I got sick to my stomach and my Margret noticed that when I went out to potty it seemed that I might have eaten something that had gotten stuck in my tummy.  She gave me a little more supper and things seemed better after that.  But I noticed that both my people are watching me pretty closely.  And Me? It’s been a busy day and I’m bushed so I’m off to take a nap before bedtime.  This is Bess signing off for the Pups and Kitties ZZZzzzzz

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  1. Miss Bess, I am elated you are feeling better and FREE! What did you have stuck in your tummy? My stupid brother Riley ate cloth once and it got stuck as it was coming out the other end and Mom had to finish pulling it out. Ewwww. Goodnight for now, sweet girl.

  2. Hi Lexi!
    My Margret thinks I ate part of a fabric rope toy, but I’m not telling. She had to do what your mom did for Riley and I didn’t like it very much. The problem is my Margret isn’t sure she got it all and she’s worried about me. I feel better so I think she did. It’s tough being a pup but tonight I think it must be even tougher being a pup’s person.
    Good Night Lexi, it was good talking to you.

  3. After talking to Margret, I am glad that you are doing better. Hope you get a good night’s rest. — happy you are “free.” You appreciate feeling better when you don’t have it for a few days!!!

    • Thank you Carolyn, It feels so good being free! My Margret, Bonnie and I had a slumber party in the living room last night because my tummy wasn’t feeling too good yet. I’m better tonight though!

    • Thank you, I was up with her in the night and this morning she acted tired but bright eyed and perky so I feel good about that . We’ll see how she is tonight and go from there.

      • She may just be recovering from her shots/stitches out too (the tiredness). Sometimes even when they are healed, they go at it full force and get more tired. In terms of if she had something, I know from unfortunate personal experience that if there’s something stuck, they would have an assortment of symptoms- like can’t hold fold down, not settling etc. I’m sure she will be A-OK!

      • Thank you for your reassurance, we were concerned that something was stuck. I’m sorry you’ve had personal experience with it but I appreciate what you shared, it helped calm some of the worries. She was throwing up but was content to quietly snuggle. She is back to her old self tonight 🙂

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