Bouncy Bess is Bouncy Again

Our Bouncy Bess is her smiley bouncy self again.

Whatever was upsetting her tummy last night is seems to be over. For which we are all very happy about.

Greg and I want to thank you for sharing your encouragement, thoughts and wisdom with us as we tried to figure out what was going on with our bouncy girl.

May I please ask you to keep our Bonnie pup in your thoughts and prayers as I take her tomorrow for her “lady surgery”.  She tends to be the most  anxious of the pups.

Thank you!

this is Margret signing off for Greg, the pups and kitties 🙂

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    • Thank you Lexi, I’m not sure what to expect but my Margret says it will be ok and I’ll be home soon. Nose touches, Bonnie

  1. Oh my, yes. –will say a prayer for Bonnie. These lady surgeries are almost over. –So glad that Bess is fine and out of the woods so to speak. It will be good for the Abbott Lodge too. You and Greg take care.

    • Thanks Sarah, I called earlier this morning and Bonnie was throwing up so they wanted to watch for a bit longer. I’m to call at 1:30 to see if we can bring her home.

      I’ll post an update on this site as well as the
      pups and kitties Facebook page when we find out.

      I’m sorry Choppy had a difficult recovery. What happened?

      • Mostly she just wanted to play constantly, and she wasn’t supposed to. It wasn’t really bad for her, just difficult for me!

        And thanks for the update. We’ll keep Bonnie in our thoughts and prayers here.

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