Bess Pup Update

IMG_1192Bess is doing well.   She has discovered that being in her crate is cozy and is choosing to be there even when she doesn’t have to.

I’ve enjoyed watching Bess’s routine when she and I go out to the pup pen.  She does her business then goes to the far end of the pen, gazes out over the fields and gives a couple of barks to let the world or at least her country neighborhood know that she is on the watch, or maybe she’s just saying hello before heading back into the house.

I feel like Bess and I are bonding even closer if that’s possible.  When she needs something she comes to me and I’m getting faster at deciphering her looks.  Last night when she came up to me and I said “outside?” she licked my hand before trotting to the pup porch door. I took that as a “now you’re getting it!” lick of praise.   She is totally Greg’s pup though when she wants to cuddle, his lap and oversized recliner is her favorite place to be.

10 more days to go with her stitches then they will be removed.   Bess wasn’t impressed enough with our cone of royalty to want to wear it, yet at least, which is very good.

I know she is starting to feel better because she is getting herself into trouble.  Yesterday she snatched a sock and all three pups helped themselves to my bowl of popcorn when I forgot to put it up higher…yep things are starting to get back to normal, and boy am I glad!




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    • That’s what I was thinking too. Thank you , it’s nice to have that thought validated. 🙂

  1. — glad that all was well at home so Margret could have lunch on Sunday. Bess has shown a tender heart by example. Have a good week.

    • Thanks Lexi, I’ll give Bess your gentle nose nudges and message. She’ll appreciate it as much as I do. cuddles and hugs!

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