The Gotta Go Chime


Several years ago our daughter shared that she trained their dog Sadie to ring a bell when she needed to go outside. So when Bonnie and Belle joined our family I decided that we would see if that would work for them.  It did and the “gotta go” chime was born.  The pups have discovered many uses for the chime.

Belle will routinely ring it right when we sit down to supper.  She always gently touches her nose to the chime then patiently waits facing the door for us to open it for her.

Bess refuses to ring it, she instead will either have a sister ring it for her or will come and stand by me with an intense look on her face until I ask her to “show me”.  9 times out of 10 she will lead me to the pup porch door. The 10th time she wants a belly rub!

Bonnie is the champion bell ringer. She rings it when she wants to distract us so she can peruse the table or counter.  She rings it when Belle and Bess are waiting by the door to be let back in. She rings it whenever there is something interesting to explore outside. She will also ring it when she wants a treat.  We can tell this is what she wants because she rings the bell then turns  to look at the treats then she’ll look at us.                                     Finally she will ring the gotta go chime when she needs to go outside.    Bonnie’s method is to ring the bell then turn and look to see if we are coming.  If we are moving too slowly she will put her head into the middle of the chime and give a full headshake instead of the usual nose touch. Let me tell you sometimes those chimes go flying of their hook.

Greg and I totally understand that we are bell trained but that’s ok. It works for us and gives us another glimpse into our pups personalities.

Oh yeah, Linus kitty the wanna be Golden Retriever also rings the bell in his endless quest to go outside.  Sorry Buddy, good try but it won’t work!

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  1. What an interesting study in personalities. I don’t have a bell, but I used to run to the door like I wanted to go out when I wanted Mom to go to the kitchen and get me people food. I knew it would get her up and moving in the right direction. She caught on and started not getting up at all. After crossing my back legs a few times, I stopped doing that, BOL!

  2. Hi! I asked Google why same breed dogs with the same training don’t do the same thing with what they are taught. They didn’t have the answer. — Just directed me to training your dog. Life is not that simple. It’s more fun with all the variables I guess. It makes for a more interesting life. Have fun. (Lucy knows her identity.) The only thing is — will their predictability remain the same???

    • That’s a good question Carolyn, I would imagine that their predictability could change as they learn new behaviors. It depends on how much of how they act is a part of their personality and how much is it learned behavior. The pups are constantly learning, as are we all, so I guess time will tell.

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