Back to the Vet


I had to go back to the Vet today, although it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  When my Margret said we needed to go I put all 4 of my stubborn paws down and stayed firm!  It’s really cold outside and I just wanted to. stay. home.  But my Margret encouraged me each step of the way and stopped short of carrying me down the steps but by the time I got outside I forgot it wasn’t my idea and I told her to hurry up so we could go and away we went.

It was a lot different walking into the waiting room this time around.  There was another German Shepard but this one was 10 weeks old and there were two Weimaraner pups that also looked to be about 10 weeks old.  I heard my Margret say that it was a waiting room full of cute!     A man walked in and clearly understood dogs because he asked my Margret if he could pet me, he talked really nice to me and I almost remembered to not jump up but I quickly sat when my Margret reminded me to.  The German Shepard puppy wanted some attention too so he ended up petting both of us at the same time.

I had to go back to the vet  because my tummy owie really hurts and the dr wanted to make sure that it wasn’t infected.  Apparently I had something called complications during my surgery and my tummy owie is bigger because of that so it hurts more.  The Tech gave my Margret something called ointment that tastes really bad to put around my owie so Belle, Bess and I won’t want to lick it.  I can’t reach it anyway although I sure keep trying and now my sisters won’t want to do it for me *sigh*.  On a good note my Margret  said I get to pretend I’m at a spa which is awesome because I’ve always wanted to go to a spa,  my tummy owie has swelled up so I get to have hot packs on it twice a day until it gets better.

It’s been a really busy afternoon and I just want to go lay down on my blanket next to my Margret and take a snooze so this is Bonnie signing off for the pups and kitties.




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  1. Aww, Bonny, I’m sorry about those “complications.” They don’t sound good. But I am sure with Your Margret taking such good care of you that you will be better in hardly any time at all. Lots of *nose nudges.*

  2. Oh MY — You have excellent, loving care. Good thing this is only done once! My heart goes out to your Bonnie heart. — will be checking on you Tuesday! Carolyn

    • Thanks Lexi, I loved the heating pad on my tummy. I could sure get used to that! I’m feeling better tonight. Tomorrow should be even better! Night Lexi 🙂

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