Almost Back To Square One


So like yesterday I was so happy to see my Margret come home from work. I was laying on the couch and didn’t hear her come in, she called my name and I couldn’t get to her fast enough, She told me that my welcome home was the best thing that had happened to her all day.

It’s amazing how fast things change…

A couple of things then happened at the same time, she saw my tummy and my Greg said, “yeah we need to talk about that.”  He went on to tell her how when he came home I welcomed him at the door without that silly cone.  I’m not telling how my cone came off,  (I made my sisters pinky um paw swear they wouldn’t tell.) My Greg is smart I didn’t even have to tell him that I had been licking my tummy.  My Margret said “we’re almost back to square one. Oh Bonnie Girl.” in a sad voice.

She put some of that powder stuff on my red yucky looking owie, which is fine because I know that means cheese.  It takes her so long to go get my cheese I have to help her along by bumping the back of her legs with my silly cone as we head to the kitchen , hmm maybe that thing is good for something after all.

So now I don’t get to go out to the pup porch and pen with my sisters except for a real quick potty break. I tried to tell them Melissa the vet tech said I could go out and play with them, but they told me that Melissa didn’t know that I would be taking off my cone and they have the final word not Melissa even though she is really nice.

*SIGH*   ~this is Bonnie “the almost back to square one pup” for the rest of the pups and kitties.

From Margret: The medicine is working and her tummy looks better this morning.  We’ll be keeping a close eye on it to see if we need to go back to the vet.  I’m echoing Bonnie’s sigh.



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  1. How did she get it off? You need one of those under cover videos like they have at convenience stores to catch the thief (culprit) in the act! Isn’t it wonderful to have such smart animals? and beautiful too??? Well, discipline measures are in order and that’s the way it has to be. Keep me posted. I will be sending an e-mail via humans after this. So sorry for your situations ….. glad it looked better this morning. You have the meds to take care of it which is very good. Carolyn

    • Carolyn,
      We really don’t know how she got it off. We are hoping that by keeping her in the house while we are at work away from her sisters that the cone will stay on. We’ll find out tonight. We actually used one of the hunting cameras a couple of years ago to see what was making Bonnie bark when we had them crated at night. Turns out Linus was climbing on her crate.

    • Noodle, have you and my Margret been talking? She said the same thing to me last night.
      Thank you for the prayers!
      ~ Bonnie

  2. Bonnie, I know determination when I see it, and I know what it’s like to have a boo boo to lick, especially if it is irritating in any way. *sigh* Too bad Your Margret can’t put a sock on your tummy like my Mommy did on my paw. *sigh* Please try some self control and maybe your Margret will give you lots more treats for being such a good girl. 🙂 Nose bumps but no licks, Lexi.

    • One of my Margret’s friends at her work suggested putting something around my tummy to see if that would help so it would kind of be like a sock. Hmmm more treats, I like that idea, I’ll have to tell her you suggested that. Thanks Lexi! Nose nudge back to you. ~Bonnie

    • Thank you for the suggestion we can give that a try. She can’t reach it with the cone on and we are hoping that by keeping her in the house she won’t try and take it off again. We’ll see when we get home tonight how she did. Thanks again!

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