Three Dog Night


I just don’t understand…

My Aunt Barb asked my Margret this morning if it was a “three dog night” how did she know?!   My Margret should have known something was up when we were all cuddled together when she came to bed.   When we got up it was cold, I heard her tell my Greg  that the furnace wasn’t working. I don’t know what that means but I think it has something to do with why it was cold.

My Greg went down into the place me and my sisters can’t go, it’s the same place that Linus goes when he doesn’t want to play with me.  I don’t know what my Greg was doing down there but there sure was a lot of banging and clanking.

While he was doing that my Margret went into the room where they keep their little people’s toys, (we can’t go into that room either *sigh*) and she brought a couple of boxes back in with her, that kind of scared me because I didn’t know what they were and everywhere I went she and the box went  it was like they were chasing me!   My Margret said they weren’t but it sure felt like it!  The next thing I knew it wasn’t so cold anymore and that was good.


Oh and what were my sisters doing while I was keeping track of my Margret and my Greg and the too cold house ?


~This is Bess “the supervising” pup for the rest of the pups and kitties





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  1. You never know what a day will bring. I hope that you have the furnace up and running. Having a house is wonderful when everything works. take care and I am glad that you have that heater for the front room. Talk to you later. There is Bess, the youngest, supervising.

    • Greg was able to get the furnace up and running by noon. Bess, doesn’t miss much that’s why she’s such a good supervisor!

    • Thanks Lexi, supervising is important, at least that’s what my Margret and my Greg told me. I guess my sisters were smart but they missed out on all the fun while they took their sun nap.

    • A week is a really long time! I’m glad your dad found the space heaters to keep so it could be warm for you guys. Lucky for us ours was only out for part of a day, but that was long enough!

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