Early Sunday Morning Cuddle Time

I’m not as pushy or pouty/stubborn as my sisters are. I bet you can guess which one is which. But there are time when a pup just has to put her paw down and this morning I did. 

I really wanted some my Margret time.  

 She noticed and she told my sisters that it was my turn and then she made it happen. Even though Bonnie wanted me to move so she could sit by my Margret. 

 And Bess brought me one of her stuffies to trade with me so she could sit there. And then when that didn’t work she tried to snuggle in with us.

 But my Margret gently told both of them it wasn’t their turn it was mine.

  I’m glad she did that.I love cuddling with my Margret but I think she loves it even more!
~this is Belle for rest of the “love to cuddle” pups and kitties.

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    • Oh Lexi,if your mom won’t take less than 5 trillion dollars for you then you sure are special to her, even if you aren’t a cuddle dog. How much is 5 trillion anyway?
      Nose touches, Belle

  1. Sometimes, we just need to feel special just because we are and that’s makes us feel so good inside – the moment of specialness lasts for a long time.

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