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Just In Case You Wondered

A pup’s best friend is still her tennis ball.

My Margret and My Greg’s big and little people were here for the Thanksgiving holiday. The littlest little person Katie wanted to play with our toys,  now we were ok with it  but since Katie likes to put our things in her mouth My Margret also known as Katie’s Grandma put the toys in another room. She brought them back out this afternoon after Katie and her family left to go home. As you can see I was really happy to have my tennis ball back. 

~ this is Belle “the I’ve missed my tennis ball and in not letting it out of my sight” pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

Good Morning!

We’ve been really busy getting ready for My Margret and My Greg’s big and little people plus other big people who are coming to visit starting tonight through the weekend for the Thanksgiving weekend

My Margret has been getting up even earlier and so she isn’t lonesome I’ve been getting up with her. She still tells me not to get used to it. That My Margret is so funny sometimes.

A few days ago she helped us play a really fun game. She put yummy treats in this loud round thing then put a tennis ball on top. I wasn’t too sure what to do but she showed me. (Belle is checking it out) It was a lot of fun and my sisters and I keep asking her when we can play it again.  She posted a video of me playing it on our Facebook page.

If you are on Facebook be sure to check out our page.

What, My Margret? Oh ok!  My Margret would like me to thank everyone for visiting our blog and Facebook page. She noticed that we have some new folks visiting our sites as well as the faithful folks who have been with us for a long time. She and the rest of us really appreciate that you stop in to read about our happenings.

~ This is Bess “the get up early and it’s time for a nap” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

Christmas Card Picture Outakes

My Margret decided to take a break in cleaning to join us outside to try and get a picture for this year’s Christmas card.

Yeah, it went that well. I heard her say that it’s easier to get 14 people, 6 of them little people to behave, I mean smile for the camera than it is my sisters and I. 

Let the record show I did my part. I mean come on she had treats!!!!

She finally got The One that shows our personalities the best. Now if you ask me I think she should have kept on trying…because you know…there were treats!

~ this is Belle “you never can have too many treats” for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

This Thing They Called A Time Change

I’m tired *sigh* 

Food and sleep times are just all mixed up at our house. We have to wait FOREVER before we get our supper. And the weirdest thing ever…My Margret has been getting up way earlier than normal. She’s even getting up before me!  She told me not to get used to it. She promised me that things will feel more normal anytime now.

~this is Bess”the it can’t be soon enough for me” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

I Need A Nap!

My sisters and I were very tired this morning.

Last night as most of the world knows the Chicago Cubs won their first World Series since 1908. And My Margret wanted to watch every minute of the game on the big box. She made us really really tired watching her stand, sit, clap, growl, yell and finally cry sometimes all at the same time. 

My sisters and I took turns sitting by her. Giving her our paw to hold, or a stuffy (sometimes two) or we just sat quietly beside her giving her a lick now and then to remind her we were there.  She explained to us that it wasn’t just a game and she was pretty sure that everyone had a story. Hers was that when she was a little girl she would watch the games on the big box with her dad and those memories made watching the Cubs win even more special. 

Oh and the sleep part of the night? That was only 4 hours long.  Because you can’t go to sleep until you see history being made. 😊

~This is Bess ” the I need a lot of naps today” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

Go Cubs Go! So We Can Get Back To Normal…

My Margret is acting strange again. She and My Greg are still watching that thing on the big box called baseball. It’s something called the World Series.              I tried to watch it last night but I don’t understand why after catching the ball they just don’t keep it. I mean what’s up with that, don’t they know that hanging on to the ball is the most fun.

My sisters and I have decided that it’s more fun to watch My Margret.

That way when she makes all those funny noises and throws her hands up in the air we’re ready.  “What Belle? You’ve heard that tonight’s the last game.  Good, then things might get back to normal around here!                                                              ~This is Bess “the Go Cubs Go” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

Spa Day?

My Margret said we were going to have a spa day, she tried to make it sound like it was something fun. But she couldn’t fool me I knew that meant we were going to have a bath.

My Margret said she and My Greg must have the only two Golden Retrievers in the whole world that don’t like water.

She had to lift both Bess and me half way into the tub before we would get in the rest of the way, and that was with a tennis ball in the tub. Bess also laid down flat on the floor to make it even more fun. But Bonnie jumped in when it was her turn and pretty much didn’t want to get out. Bess and I don’t understand her at all.                                                                   Oh and we also don’t like blow dryers so we had to stay in the stairway until we were mostly dry. 

This is before My Margret turned on the blow dryer.
This is right after she turned the dryer on.

We liked hanging out with My Margret while she brushed and towel dried us.

Then we had to wait while we dried some more.

Are we dry yet?

Please can we come down yet?

~ this is Belle “the head of the squeaky clean bunch” for the rest of the pups and kitties.

Watcher of the Big Corn Eater Thing

So we live on a farm and tonight there’s been this really really loud thing outside that’s eating up the tall stuff that is called corn. 

So I decided that it’s my job to let My Margret and My Greg know when it’s by the house. Every time I see it I run and ring the gotta go chime so I can go out in the pup pen and keep an eye on it. My Margret’s been a bit slow tonight so I’ve been giving it a full head shake to get her to hurry up.

My sisters have been taking turns going out in the pup pen with me because you know it’s dark and that big thing with three eyes that eats the corn is kind of scary.

After it goes away we go back in the house where one of us keeps watch while the rest of us take a nap. 

Then it starts all over again. 

~ This is Bonnie “the watcher of big corn eater things” for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

Note from My Margret: You can see the light of the combine through the window. This has been going on all evening and the pups especially Bonnie are wearing themselves out!


So like it was my turn to go visit our vet for a check up. I don’t like to go for rides. It makes my tummy feel yucky so I usually break out my stubborn puppy paws in an effort to not go down the back steps to get into the car. My Greg tried something different this morning, we went out the front steps and it was awesome, there were so many smells and things to see that I jumped right into the car and off we went!

Once there I knew the drill and climbed right on the scale when I was supposed to. I weigh a dainty 72.5 lbs. which is like more than I’m supposed to weigh so like Belle I’m hoping they didn’t notice. Shh… don’t tell them ok?

So like I’m healthy and didn’t notice when I got my shots because of all the sweet talk and cuddling I was getting from My Margret and My Greg.

The cuddles almost make the car ride worth it. Almost.

~ this is Bonnie “I’d rather walk than ride” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.