Watcher of the Big Corn Eater Thing

So we live on a farm and tonight there’s been this really really loud thing outside that’s eating up the tall stuff that is called corn. 

So I decided that it’s my job to let My Margret and My Greg know when it’s by the house. Every time I see it I run and ring the gotta go chime so I can go out in the pup pen and keep an eye on it. My Margret’s been a bit slow tonight so I’ve been giving it a full head shake to get her to hurry up.

My sisters have been taking turns going out in the pup pen with me because you know it’s dark and that big thing with three eyes that eats the corn is kind of scary.

After it goes away we go back in the house where one of us keeps watch while the rest of us take a nap. 

Then it starts all over again. 

~ This is Bonnie “the watcher of big corn eater things” for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

Note from My Margret: You can see the light of the combine through the window. This has been going on all evening and the pups especially Bonnie are wearing themselves out!

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    • They are, Poor Bonnie, she’s taking her job very seriously. I wish I could make her understand that it’s ok. 🙂

  1. Those are beautiful side shots of the pups. Their interest in the “corn “machines” is exciting to them as the games on TV are to us. They did not show interest last year in harvesting? Bonnie, Belle, Bess, Lucy, Linus always keep life full of variety!

    • Carolyn, I don’t remember this level of interest last year. They may have harvested those fields during the daylight hours last year.

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