I Need A Nap!

My sisters and I were very tired this morning.

Last night as most of the world knows the Chicago Cubs won their first World Series since 1908. And My Margret wanted to watch every minute of the game on the big box. She made us really really tired watching her stand, sit, clap, growl, yell and finally cry sometimes all at the same time. 

My sisters and I took turns sitting by her. Giving her our paw to hold, or a stuffy (sometimes two) or we just sat quietly beside her giving her a lick now and then to remind her we were there.  She explained to us that it wasn’t just a game and she was pretty sure that everyone had a story. Hers was that when she was a little girl she would watch the games on the big box with her dad and those memories made watching the Cubs win even more special. 

Oh and the sleep part of the night? That was only 4 hours long.  Because you can’t go to sleep until you see history being made. 😊

~This is Bess ” the I need a lot of naps today” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! What fond memories for Margret with her Dad ! Congrats to Greg too! The pups and kittens are in for a rest. What a past few days…. Wouldn’t it be something if next year proved too be another exciting year for the Cubs???? How much excitement can we take?

    • Hi Mrs. Carolyn, My Margret has had a lot of fun these past few weeks. We’re going to need to rest up if we’re going to cheer for them next year. Nose nudges Bess,

  2. Go Cubs! Well, I don’t really care but am glad all the Cub fans are happy and that they won a series again before the turn of the next century! Hope everyone gets a good nights sleep.

    • Hi Mrs. Amy, Thanks! My sisters and me really don’t care either all we care about is things getting back to normal. And they are! We’re all going to bed early zzzzzzzzzz.
      ~nose nudges Bess

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