I just want to play

Tonight my Margret heard me whining and came to see what was wrong. She found me doing this.

Then she opened up the bathroom door and saw this. 

 While she was trying to stop laughing so she could tell my Greg what going on, I took matters into my own paws and got my big sister Bonnie to open the door for me.  

She and Linus just looked at each other. When  Bonnie went back out to the living room I dug deep and found enough courage to open the door a bit more all by myself. 

 I asked him really nice but Linus didn’t want to come out and play he just wanted to stay put and purr.     *Sigh* 

~ this is Bess “the I just want to play with Linus” pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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  1. Okay — Linus reminded me of the song “My Little Corner of the World.” — Couldn’t remember the song but just the name. So, I googled it . Anita Bryant sang it (60’s). And, Linus had his own little corner of the world and maybe, he’ll let some one else share it eventually.

  2. Lexi, I just don’t understand. But I’ll try to do what you said and give Linus some space and not be all bouncy around him. But it won’t be as much fun as playing with him. *sigh*

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