Last night Belle’s hot spot looked really good so we took the cone off to see how she would do. Um yeah this morning the hot spot was red again so back on went the cone much to Belle dismay.

Tonight I noticed that she kept trying to scratch her ear…yep right on the first guess she also has an ear infection. Luckily or maybe not we have medicine from her last ear infection. After putting it in her ear it seems to not be bothering her nearly as much as it was. Or maybe she is just in a cheese “as a reward for two kinds of medicine “induced daze.

~ this is Belle’s Margret for the Pups and Kitties.

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  1. Aw, Belle, honey, I am going to post a Tips by Lexi soon on how to get cheese without hurting yourself. In the meantime, please try to control yourself so you don’t have to wear the cone anymore. 😦

    • Hi Lexi, I’m ready for any tips on cheese you can give me. I’ll try to do better, because I really do want to get rid of the cone. *sigh*
      ~ nose nudges Belle

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