Enough Is Enough!


I’m so mad at my Margret I won’t even look at her even though she asked me to.

But I’m also mad at my sister Belle who won’t stop licking my owie, I mean I know she is trying to help but it’s not.

My Margret read a joke today that said to put a cone on the dog doing the licking so she went out and bought another one today for Belle. IMG_3606

Well my sister is one determined pup and that did not stop her from licking my owie at all!


Then she tried putting a silly bandana around my owie so Belle couldn’t reach it.  I had a fit, I mean come on if I liked bandanas I would have worn them the right way a long time ago. *Humph!!!*

After that she tried putting a bandaid on my owie and I didn’t like that any better and made sure my Margret knew it!

Finally she and my Greg decided to just keep telling Belle to “leave it” when she starts to lick my owie because that’s what has worked the best.



*Sigh*   I think after all I’ve been through tonight I deserve at least 3 slices of cheese.

~this is Bonnie “the enough is enough” pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties


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    • I bet she is! 🙂 I hadn’t thought of a muzzle with the cone. Thank you! ~ Margret

  1. Oh my, I’m glad I am here and not at your house. Take care and “This too shall pass” as my former boss told me! Carolyn (No words of wisdom ….. )

    • Hi Carolyn, you’re right this will pass and we’ve gained a lot of experience that I’m sure will be put to good use. Take care, Margret

  2. Maybe 4 pieces of cheese. ~Noodle

    So sorry they’re driving you crazy Margret. I know how much it stinks to watch them a) suffering and b) doing nothing to help themselves. (hugs) Samantha

    • Hi Noodle! 4 pieces, I like that idea, wait till I tell my Margret! ~ nose nudges Bonnie.

      Hi Samantha, Thank you, I know they are only doing what comes naturally, but they are so stinking smart! It’s hard to keep up with them sometimes. Who knew when we learned leave it it would be used this way 🙂
      Hugs back! Margret

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