They’re Back!


My Margret and My Greg are back!  They went on something called a vacation with some of their big and little people. But they are back and some of their people came with them.


I’m ok with that because now there are lots of people to pet me and give me the attention that I deserve. (Even though I have to share them with my dog sisters)

IMG_3927 Bess likes being petted but she especially likes finding the things she isn’t suppose to have.   Bess’s alligator jaws are working really good this morning as she plays “give” with my Margret.


Belle likes having an endless supply of people to pet her and rub her tummy.

4  Bonnie has big news, She doesn’t have to wear her cone of royalty anymore. She’s really happy that she doesn’t have to wear it anymore even though that makes her a commoner just like us.

In addition to helping our people practice their petting and tummy rubbing skills  we’ve been take our job of floor cleaner especially around the littlest person’s highchair very seriously.  Anything to help our Margret.

3 ~This is Linus (the I’m glad things are back to normal, well kind of) kitty for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.







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  1. Wonderful pics. I wonder who took the snapshots? Somehow, I am thinking that Aaron and Ethan are taking care of Bess, Bonnie, Belle and maybe Linus. Everyone else is busy settling back home — of course that’s not true!

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