It’s My Turn, No It’s Mine!


It’s my turn! No it’s mine! No way it’s mine!   Girls, girls, there’s time enough for all of you to tell your story.  Belle, you can go first.


My sisters are sooo crazy that sometimes it’s hard to keep them in line, you know. But that’s my job and I do the best that I can.  My Greg and My Margret have been brushing us a lot lately, I don’t really like to be brushed and I keep telling them that I much prefer having my tummy rubbed.  So we’ve kind of compromised, they brush me first then I get a tummy rub.  I gave my tennis ball to My Margret tonight and she threw it for me.  I ran to get it then I tossed it to Bess, she almost caught it, maybe next time.


Ok Belle it’s my turn.  So like I think my Margret and my Greg are catching on.  You see when I want to distract them I ring the gotta go chime and they go to the door to let me out, well, that’s when I table surf just a bit to see if there is anything good. And like you know what? Yesterday I found a piece of pizza! It was very good although my Greg wasn’t too happy with me. I don’t know why I thought we were supposed to share.   Oh and I love, love, love being brushed, in fact I push my sisters out of the way so I can be brushed again.


Bonnie, come on, it’s my turn, hurry up!!!!   I’m so excited, we have RABBITS!!!!!   I love to bark at them and I run from the living room window then outside to our pup pen and back again to bark more at them.  Oh, and this morning I found a baby bird that had fallen out of it’s nest last night during a storm, I was real careful every time I picked it up .  My Margret wouldn’t let me bring it in the house, she didn’t understand that I wanted her to take care of it like she takes care of us. My Margret did tell me that there wasn’t anything she could do because it was already gone long before I found it.  We’re sad about that.  She was proud of me for being so gentle though.   Oh, and I don’t really like being brushed either but as long as I have my stuffy it’s ok…I guess.

~this is Belle, Bonnie, and Bess “the we all had something to say” Pups for the Kitties.



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  1. Well, you 3 must be shedding your winter coats. Not me. Mommy hasn’t even shaved me lately cause she knows I don’t like being groomed. Poor birdie. I like to catch them when they are still alive, but it upsets Mom. Pizza…mmmm. It was good to hear from you all this time! ❤

    • Hi Lexi! Yep, My Greg says there’s enough fur to make another golden. My Margret was upset enough I can’t imagine what she would be like if I caught a live bird! We fussed over who would write tonight so My Margret said we all could. 🙂
      ~ nose nudges
      Bess for the rest of the pups and kitties.

  2. Dear girls, If I had blonde Hair like that, I would want it brushed. It’s beautiful. Your little tricks are your own and keep life unpredictable. Have fun and keep the tricks simple and low key for Margret and Greg. They need a rest from creativity! Carolyn

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