Thoughts and Prayers

The purpose of our blog is to entertain and brighten your day by send a bit of Pup and Kitty therapy your way. We tend to not go political or comment on current events. However there have been several attacks both in the United States and Abroad over the past few weeks. All senseless and tragic, and tonight there was yet another one.
We ask you to please join us by sending your thoughts and prayers for the injured and their families and to the families of the victims of the attack in Nice France.
Thank you
The Pups and Kitties  Margret

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  1. Thank you for letting us know. Mom looked it up on the internet after reading this (we never have the tv or radio on in the evening). There are no words for this kind of evil. Prayers for all these people.

  2. Yes, even a lady at therapy that I did not know mentioned the tragedy in Nice — gotta’ stop she said.
    No smiles about that.

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