“Follow the Leader” Belle Style


You know My Margret is usually pretty smart. I mean she usually knows what we are  up to before we do.  But I have to tell you sometimes she just doesn’t get it.

She was petting me the other evening and started looking me over to make sure everything was the way it was supposed to be when she looked in my ear. Now I hate it when anyone even My Margret looks in my ear.  She noticed that it was yucky looking and before I knew what was happening my sisters were out in the pup pen and she was walking towards me with a bottle in one hand, some white fluffy things, and two pieces of cheese.

Being pretty smart myself, after all I am the one that keeps everyone in line here, I started walking in whatever direction she wasn’t. But she kept following me, so then I laid down on the floor and wouldn’t you know it My Margret got down on the floor too.  So I decided I would distract her by asking her to rub my tummy, but she just kept telling me I was a good girl and to let her see my ear. Well that was the last thing I wanted to happen so I put my back paw on her arm to keep her away from me,  yeah that didn’t work either and the next thing I knew I had wet stuff in my ear and My Margret was gently rubbing the outside of my ear.  Then she said “Ok time for cheese!”  The cheese tasted really good and I thought we were done.

Nope, the next thing I know she has the white fluffy things in her hand and she’s back on the floor with me and still doesn’t want to rub my tummy even though I asked her to again, and my paw on her arm doesn’t stop her this time either.   *Sigh*   As she tells me what a pretty girl I am she starts wiping out my ear and it actually felt pretty good so I just let her do it.  As soon as she was done she said those magic words again, “Ok, time for cheese!”

I did hear her tell My Greg  that it’s looking a lot better tonight so maybe its not such a bad thing after all, I mean I do get cheese.

~ this is Belle “the follow the leader as long as there’s cheese” pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties



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  1. Belle, I am new to your blog.. Your household reminds me of ours. We have three pups too. Our dog Alcide also hates getting his ears cleaned. He always tries to push me away too. I always end up winning the ear cleaning battle though.

    • Hi, welcome to our blog! My Margret has been reading your blog too and really likes it. It’s fun that both of our families have three pups and two kitties. She said to tell you that she looks forward to reading your posts.
      I don’t know why you moms always have to win the ear cleaning battles, but I guess it’s good. Tell Alcide I totally understand how he feels. ~nose nudges Belle

      • Moms know best Belle. 🙂 Tell your Margret thank you reading our blog and following us.

  2. Good for Margret – she is very observant! She has caught the ear problem before it became anything more serious. She is a cracker jack! And, the rewards are wonderful!
    Take care and get better quick!

    • Thanks Mrs. Carolyn! As much as I don’t like having my ears messed with I do like that My Margret takes care of me and cares enough to put up with all the distractions I throw her way. ~nose nudges Belle

  3. Hi Belle. So you are a “Cheeeese Puppy!” as Mom says when she has my cheese. I think she sticks stuff in the cheese that I wouldn’t otherwise eat, but at least I get my cheese. Glad your ear is clearing up. Mom! Get your nose out of my ear!

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