Time For Some Pup and Kitty Therapy

My Margret and My Greg have been crazy busy and My Margret has had a pesky cold  so I told the others that we needed to give them some Pup and Kitty therapy. I did my part by coming up from my basement kingdom to give them some special forehead bumps and loves.

The pups entertained them by doing a skit called “What do you mean I have to share the new toys?” 

I know it makes My Margret and My Greg feel real happy when we look cute, so I told the others to ramp it up a bit. 

Finally we just took turns cuddling with them.

Mission accomplished! ~ this is Lucy “The I’m keeping my eye on things ” Kitty for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

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    • Hello Lexi, I like et al too it sounds very regal and fitting. Thank you for the paws up for doing a great job, it means a lot to us. ~Gentle forehead bump Lucy

  1. Well, I could not get the comment to work so I just replied.  What a good pic of Lucy!!!  I like the snapshots of the pups relaxing and just hanging out.  I also appreciated the profile shot of Greg and Bess? — having a serious one -on -one conversation in the recliner.  There are a lot of one liners I could imagine going along with those pictures.  Thanks.  Carolyn

    • Hi Mrs. Carolyn,
      I’m sorry you had trouble posting a comment. Thank you for persevering. Yes My Greg and Bess were having a very important conversation. I agree there were several one liners my Margret could have used. I tried to tell her but she didn’t listen. What are we going to do. ~Gentle forehead bump Lucy Kitty

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