I Don’t  Like Being Brushed!

I don’t like being brushed. I really really don’t like it.  This morning I wanted some My Margret time and although it took me two jumps to get all of me up on the chair with her I made it! Then that My Margret pulls out the brush and starts brushing me. If she wouldn’t have been calling me sweet pup and pretty girl I wouldn’t have stayed.

Then a little while later My Greg started to brush me.  He said nice things to me too so I let him brush me…for a little while.  This is how much of my fur came out.

My Margret keeps telling My Greg that Bess wants to be a big sister. He says that the three of us shed enough fur that we could make a fourth pup. My Margret doesn’t think it’s funny but I think he’s right!

After My Greg brushed me he then started to clean the fur off of the couch. Like a good supervisor I stayed there to make sure he got all if it. By the way he says the kind of gloves nurses and doctors use work great to pick up the fur.

After all of that My Margret quietly called me to the kitchen where she gave me lots and lots (well at least 5 ) treats for being such a good girl. Pretty soon my sisters came out and when they saw me getting treats they plopped right down in a sit in front of My Margret for some treats. They were asked what they had done to deserve a treat and they both wiggled a bit and said “Well, we’re cute” My Margret laughed and said “Yes, you are” and gave each of them a couple of treats.  So I came back to get my “just because I’m cute treat” because it’s only fair!

~ this is Belle “the I don’t like being brushed ” pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties

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    • Lexi,
      Liver treats sound good, whenever you get it! Tell your mom to not forget the treat just for being cute! ~ nose nudges Belle.

    • Hi Dakota’s mom,
      Tell him I totally understand. Treats make it worthwhile though.
      I bet he could add to the endless pile of fur 🙂
      Thanks for the offer!
      ~ nose nudges Belle

  1. The Pups and Kitties have been coming up on my Spam — fortunately, I found out!  However, it won’t allow me to comment on the right area — so, I hope that you get this.  I will check later to see if you received this comment. Treats are always in order — take the fur — save it and make a pillow of remembrance fur out of it …… not sure about my idea?????  Just a thought.  Have a nice day!Carolyn

    • Hi Mrs. Carolyn,
      My Margret isn’t sure why you are having trouble receiving emails about our blog and making comments. We see the comments where they are supposed to be on our end. She said to tell you to give her a call some evening when you are by your computer and between the two of you maybe it can be figured out. Yes I agree treats are always in order! ~Gentle nose nudges Belle

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