Cheese Filled Carrots

So like when our friend Noodle came up with show your favorite treat as a memorial for our other friend Lexi. My Greg came up with the idea of cheese stuffed carrots. Although we had already posted our usual favorite treat earlier he still wanted to try making our new favorite snack. So after church today he and My Margret made them for us.

First My Greg drilled a hole the length of the carrot. 

Then he handed it to My Margret and she sprayed the cheese into the carrot.

Then we got to eat them.
I took mine and waited for my sisters to come with me to the living room where we ate them. They were sooooo good!!!

Bess finished hers first so she went back for seconds, but the battery on the drill ran out.

So we did the next best thing, we licked the cheese off of My Margret’s fingers.

We liked our new treat so much that when she offered us plain carrots a few minutes later I looked at the table then My Margret and said “hey, what about the cheese?

~this is Bonnie “the carrots are yummy and cheese makes them even better” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

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  1. Hey — where’s mine? They look pretty good! They are healthy right?
    It’s fun to try different things — and Greg must have had fun preparing the special carrots — how much fun was that for everyone! Lots of laughs and smiles. Now — creativity must continue …..

  2. Bess, you actually waited for your sisters to get theirs! Goldens are sooo different from schnauzers! And Lexi would have LOVED those treats. We had to laugh at Greg and the drill and carrots.

    • Hi Mrs. Amy!
      So like My Greg had lots of time on his hands last week while he was home helping his leg to get better, and he thought of all kinds of fun stuff.
      We’re really glad he thought of this and as soon as the drill battery is charged up he and My Margret are going to make us some more! ~gentle nose nudges Bonnie

  3. WOWZERZ! Just think of all the goodness that cood go in thoze carrotz – like mix cheeze AN’BACON! Hmmm – tue bad ya’can’t get’em tue grow that way. My mom izn’t handy at all with stuffz like a drill – she’d probably end up drillin’a hole in herself – that mite interfere with me gittin’any food or treatz. Still, u’all wuz so lucky – healthy tue! (not that us woofiez really care’bout that).
    Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

    • Hi Lady Shasta! oooh bacon,, we didn’t think about that. We’re going to have to give that a try! No, we sure don’t want anything interfering with you getting food or yummy treats so whatever you do don’t let your mom near the drill, but… maybe she could take a nail and hammer little holes in the sides of the carrot … 🙂
      ~nose nudges Bonnie

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