You Would Think She’d Learn

So every New Year’s Eve My Margret gets these things that she tries to put on our heads. Well I’m telling you I’m not going to allow anything that looks like that to go on me or my sisters. So as soon as My Margret puts it on one of us its my duty to take it off just as fast as I can. I’ve got it down to 5 seconds I’m that good 

Happy New Year from Me and my sisters! (And the rest of our family)

~This is Belle “the no one is wearing silly things on their heads on my watch” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

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    • Yikes! Yours doesn’t sound like fun either. Cupcake what are we gonna do about our moms? ~ nose nudges Belle

  1. Happy New 2017 to the Abbott Household — what a nice bunch of folks in all sizes and shapes. Come to think about it — a pretty simple, peaceful and loving bunch of society you could find anywhere. Three cheers for the household on 44th Rd. and love too!

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