It Almost Worked

The other night I went up to My Margret where she was sitting on the couch and gave her one of my saddest looks ever. Bess has been giving me lessons so I’m getting pretty good at it.

My Margret asked me what was wrong and got up off the couch and said “show me” like she does to Bess. 

I guess My Margret thought that maybe I wanted to go outside although she knows I always ring the chime so I’m not sure why she thought that. 

But anyway as soon as she got up I made my move quick as a flash to take her spot on the couch because it was all warm and cozy from her sitting there. 

I almost made it too but My Margret said “Oh no you don’t, that’s my spot!” and quickly sat back down. I didn’t know she could move so fast! Well before I could get all fussed up about not getting to sit there My Margret patted a spot on the couch beside her and asked me if I would sit with her. 

And I did.

~ this is Belle “the I almost made it but that was good too” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

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    • Hi Mrs. Amy! I think you’re right. You know with Angel Lexie and my sister Bess giving me lessons I don’t think My Margret stands a chance! 😄

  1. Smiles and getting a little attention makes everyone feel good! Maybe, it was a good reminder to me to give a little loving kindness more often — it doesn’t take any effort really.

    • Hi Mrs. Carolyn! It did feel good to sit with My Margret. I think she liked it too.
      ~ Gentle Nose Nudges, Belle

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