Keeping The Upper Hand

My Margret almost caught me in a good pose looking at the flowers but I have a reputation to uphold so we couldn’t be having that. 

Instead I let her catch me talking to the bird, he didn’t have much to say. Then I let her catch a glimpse of my snarky um er I mean serious side.

Then I said I was done with the photo shoot and that was that.

~ this is Linus “the you have to keep the upper hand at all times” Kitty for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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  1. Linus, what long whiskers you have. Were you trying to get in the sun puddle that was just out of your reach? I hope you got well paid for your photo shoot. You did a good job.

    • Hi Mrs. Amy! I was in the sun puddle and it felt really good. Paid? Hmm My Margret didn’t say anything about paying me….~purrs Linus

  2. Hi Linus! Our mom says there are MANY similarities between kit-cats such as yourself and Siberian Huskies. In fact, she says we’re the missing link between dogs and cats. Ha roo roo roo — always make ’em work, right?!?
    We love your photos!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

    • Hi Maggie! Yep always make them work. That’s funny, the missing link between dogs and cats. 🙂 My Margret says I’m part Golden Retriever so maybe I’m part Siberian Huskie too and you and Cammie are part kitty! ~purrs, Linus

  3. So good lookin’ and smart, but we can’t let that go to his head! Curious about everything may be a fine thing for Linus as long as he stays safe and remembers he’s a pup?

    • Hi Mrs. Carolyn! Thank you, I will try to stay humble, that’s something I’m learning from my dog sisters. ~purrs, Linus

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