Guess What!!!!!

What a night! 

My Margret said I was a hippo whatever that is because I must have wallowed in the mud puddles in our pup pen to be as muddy as I was tonight. 

How muddy was I, you ask, well muddy enough that I just got a bath at 9:00pm on a work night! How cool is that!!!

I was so muddy My Margret had to change the water twice!  She then put up that gate thingy so I couldn’t be with my sisters in the living room. I didn’t like that so guess what?!?!?!

I gave a mighty barked and…

JUMPED OVER THE GATE!!!! That has never happened before! WooWhoo!

~ this is HippoBess “jumping over the gate thingy to be with my sisters” pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties

P.S. My sisters helped me dry off!!

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    • Hi Mrs. Amy! You are probably right. I know she loves me no matter what but I decided to turn the cute factor way up and this morning I gave My Margret lots of chances to pet and cuddle me to remind her of that!
      Tell Lucy and Riley I said hi! ~nose nudges Hippo Bess

  1. Never underestimate Miss Bess! Now you know that she can jump through a hoop if the opportunity ever lends itself. Although she may need a special enticement on the other side.
    — sure you all slept well after the cleanup excitement. — hope today is more peaceful. Carolyn

    • Hi Mrs. Carolyn,
      My Margret is really hoping I forget that I know how to jump over the gate. We’ll see…
      Gentle nose nudges Bess

  2. That is so great that you got all muddy! And to need the water changed means you did it real good! Did your mom give you a treat for doing such a good job? I bet your sisters were wishing they got to play in the mud too. Maybe next time!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    • Hi Guys!
      I know, right! Mud is the most awesome thing ever…well after stuffies that is. I usually share my mud adventures with my sister Bonnie, but for some reason she didn’t want to last night.
      Treats! That’s what My Margret forgot. I’ll have to remind her the next time!
      ~ nose nudges Bess

  3. You jumped the gate?!??! That is awesome. I’ve never jumped ours, but I have plowed right through it, knocking it down. That always gets my mom excited, so I’m sure she likes it. Way to go with the mud!!!

    • Thanks Maggie! Oh plowing down a gate is awesome too! I bet your mom liked it almost as much as My Margret did.
      Do you and Cammie get to play in the mud?
      ~ nose nudges Bess

  4. I totally understand what you mean about loving the mud. Yups I too am a mud loving pupper. My thing is digging in mole tunnels and making a hole to China (according to Mom, where on earth is China BTW) I too got a bath due to becoming what Mom refers to as too nasty for the house. Our hoomans simply don’t understand the meaning of fun do they?

    • Hi Molly! Oh mole hole digging sounds awesome too! Hmm, I don’t know where China is, but I bet we could find out.
      Nope our people have no idea how much fun they’re missing out on. Guess it’s up to us to show them. ~ nose nudges Bess

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