I Don’t Like Allergies

So My Greg took me to our vet today and I’m rocking a double ear infection. They talked about it and they think I have allergies that make my paws itch and my ears get yucky. 

I have to have drops in my ears twice a day for two weeks and I got a shot to help me stop feeling so itchy. PLUS I have to have my paws wiped off every time I come inside AND a bath once a week. 

Did I mention that I don’t like baths? OR my ears Or my paws messed with? 

My Margret said that I’ll get used to my spa treatments and might even start to like them. All I have to say is there had better be lots and lots and lots of treats involved.

~this is Belle “the I don’t like allergies” Pup for the pups and kitties

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  1. Please be careful with the allergy shots. Most vets don’t tell you they can cause Cushings Disease. My first schnauzer, Freda, got Cushings from that. SO believe me, I know what it’s like livin with an itching dog! We did body immersion in very cool water when it was at its worst. And benedryl, etc. Hope poor Belle”s ears are doing better and she is getting enough treats, LOL!

    • Thank you Amy for the information, I appreciate it and we’ll keep it in mind. Belle had a steroid shot yesterday. The vet mentioned benedryl, I want to hold off on that for a bit. Did it work pretty well for Freda? Did it make her sleepy?
      I’m not sure there could ever be enough treats in Belle’s eyes. 🙂
      I’m taking a lesson from our thunder parties to try and make the wiping of paws and meds as fun as possible so she doesn’t view me as the bad guy. ~ Margret

      • Freda had more food allergies than anything, and I got that under control. But when she got the seasonal allergies, the benedryl helped. Of course, not as good as the shots, but by then she had Cushing’s and I had learned about the allergy shots causing it. You might research things like essential oils, and alternative meds to try to give more relief. Good luck, it’s miserable for everyone.

      • Amy, thank you for the suggestions, I appreciate it! ~ Margret

  2. 1. I am sorry for your allergies and your shots, bath and drops. No fun.
    2. You will be the cleanest dog in the house.
    3. you looked beautiful in your snapshot on the blog.
    4. I am picturing Margret in a Spa apron becoming a pro spa person for cannines (sic).

    • Hi Mrs. Carolyn! Thank you for all the nice things you said. That almost made the bath not seem so bad. Hey! Pro Spa Person for Canines that could be My Margret’s retirement job. Hmm…..~ nose nudges Belle.

    • Hi Cammie!
      Thank you.
      Yeah that whole b-a-t-h thing. *sigh*
      I wonder what my “good pup” treat is gonna be?
      ~ nose nudges Belle

  3. Weekly bath??!!?? That is crazy talk. There are not enough treats in the world. Once I had to take Zyrtec for my allergies. Mom put it into cream cheese. Sometimes I have to wear the cone or a t-shirt. Allergies stink.

    Love and licks,

    • Hi Cupcake! I’m sorry you have allergies too, they do stink! As do cones and t-shirts, cream cheese sounds pretty good though. I hope your allergies don’t get too bad this year.
      ~ nose nudges Belle

  4. Hello sweet furiend. Yups my Angel sister had terrible allergies as well. Mom still continues wiping my toes and the giving me a bath thing even though I don’t have the allergies my sister did. I’m terribly sorry you have a double ear infection. My sister used to have those too. I hope you have some pain meds sweet furiend. We’ll be keeping you in our prayers.
    Love, Molly and my Mom

    • Hi Molly and Mom,
      Thank you for the prayers I appreciate them and so does My Margret. I’m sorry your angel sister had bad allergies, sounds like your mom had lot of experience doing what we are doing. I’m glad yours aren’t as bad.
      ~ nose nudges Belle

  5. Oh no!! Allergies are the worst!!! I always get a runny nose and goopy eyes. Hope you start feeling better after the spa treatments! (And getting handfuls of treats!)

    • Hi Mia, I’m sorry you have to deal with them too. They aren’t any fun that’s for sure! I hope you feel better too. ~ nose nudges Belle

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