Hey! What About Me?

So like it seems that things are different around here lately. My sister Belle is getting some extra attention and treats. I mean come on I can smell them on her breath. So what’s up with that I’d like to know.

So like I started watching a bit closer and every time she comes in the house she gets her paws wiped off, now I sure don’t know why I mean they aren’t muddy. But then I noticed she gets a treat afterwards. Ok to be honest The Bouncy One and I get a treat then too but if Belle gets to have her paws wiped off it must be something special so I want mine wiped off too.  I told My Greg that so now they wipe mine off too! 

And I heard something about a bath today…yay I love baths, I hope I get one too!

~ this is Bonnie”the what about me”Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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    • Hi Cupcake! Yep I really, really like baths. My sister Belle had her bath. Even though I tried and tried to tell My Margret that I wanted one too, she just said not this time, pretty girl not this time. *sigh* ~ Nose nudges Bonnie

  1. BOL Well I don’t REALLY like baths but I’ve gotten them since I was a weee pupper. To be fair you pups are a LOT bigger than I am so maybe your Mom could give one a bath one day and the other the next. Whew!! Mom says that still sounds like a job. Wishing your Mom a very Happy Mothers Day.

    • Hi Molly! That’s a good idea! That means I could have a bath every 3 days!!! Wait till I tell My Margret. Happy Mother’s Day to your mom too. ~ nose nudges Bonnie.

  2. — Knew it would happen — now all you need is get that license and put that sign out front — “Belle’s Spa.” Bonnie is your first customer. (Just kidding.) How does Bess do with this activity? It’s so much fun to see how close they are and how they interact together.

    • Hi Carolyn,
      They crack us up! Bessie wanted her paws wiped off earlier today then she got over it. Bonnie on the other hand is not getting over it.
      So we are continuing to include her in the paw wiping. Hope you had a great time with your family. ~ Belle’s My Margret

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