Introducing The Squeaking Queen 

I love my tennis ball! 

It took me so long to learn how to squeak it that I just can’t stop. My Margret actually has to shush me, how cool is that!!!

~ this is Belle ” the squeaking queen” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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    • Hi Cupcake! Thanks! My Margret felt really bad shushing me. She knows how hard it was for me to learn it. She said she just needed a quick break. 5 minutes later I started up again and she just smiled! ~ nose nudges Bonnie Pup

    • Hi Mrs. Amy! My sisters and I have decided I’m the squeaker, The bouncy one is the barker and Bonnie, is a combination bark, whine and squeak! ~ nose nudges Belle

    • Hi Molly! Tennis balls are just, just the very best aren’t they. I like to keep mine close though because most of the time my sisters get to the ball faster than I do. *sigh* ~nose nudges Belle

    • Hi Mia! They are the best toy ever! You should have your mom get you some squeaky ones, they are a lot of fun. ~nose nudges Belle

      • She thinks I’m too ball obsessed so I’m only allowed to play with balls when we are at the park or at the beach 😦

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