Amazing Spin Broom

I don’t usually talk about cleaning products but this one is too good not to mention. I purchased the Hurricane Spin Broom today at Walmart after seeing an ad for it on the Hallmark Channel. 

It is amazing! With 3 dogs and 2 cats especially when everyone is shedding it can be a challenge to easily keep dirt and straw bits from the pup pen and pet hair picked up off of our hardwood floors.

This product lives up to their advertising and I totally recommend it. 

~The Pups and Kitties My Margret

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  1. This does look great. We never watch TV, so wouldn’t have known about it. We really need one of these with two big dogs who constantly shed. Thanks, My Margret!

    • Hi Guys! We watch a lot of Netflix too. I actually saw the commercial when I was fast forwarding through the commercials during a dvr’d movie. 😄 ~ Margret

  2. oOoO is it noisy at all? I wonder if I can convince my humom to use that instead of the scary robot!

    Oh by the way, I’ve nominated you guys for the One Lovely Blog award! If you have time, check out my blog today for more details! 🙂

    • Hi Mia! Nope its not noisy. Thank you for nominating us for the One Lovely Blog award. I’ll let the pups and kitties know so they can figure out what they are going to say.🤔 ~

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