Ear Infections and the Good Treats

This morning My Margret saw Belle, my taker carer sister licking my ear, a lot.        My Margret went to get a flashlight so she could get a good look at my ear. 

That was easier said than done as she followed me around in circles, lots of circles. Finally I was getting dizzy so I laid down on the floor and invited her to rub my tummy. Instead she lifted up my ear flap, took one look and called My Greg at work. 

She asked him if he could take me to the vet, he said yes. Since I’m a strong bouncy girl My Greg gets to be the one to hold my leash when we go places. I’m doing a better job of being calm but every now and then my bouncy side comes out.

I was scared when we went to the clinic but My Greg took good care of me. Before I saw the Dr. I had to stand on the weight thingy but I decided to sit instead. Shhh, don’t tell anyone but I weigh 93 lbs. I am a big girl!

The Dr took one look at my ears and said I had not a single but a double ear infection.  Like we say at our house ” If you’re going to do something do it good!” So I have to have drops put in my ears twice a day. Belle who is the ear infection Queen told me that means I get to get the good snacks, like cheese and hot dogs twice a day too!

I hope she’s right.

~ This is Bessie “the if you’re going to do it do it good” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties

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  1. Awww I’m sorry to hear you have a DOUBLE infection!! That doesn’t sound fun but at least you get the good treats!!! Well, I hope you do at least!!! I hope it goes away soon!!

    • Cammie, My silly Margret did it again. She forgot to press reply under your comment and my reply to your comment is actually further down in the posts. I don’t know what I’m going to do with her~ Bessie

    • Hi Mrs. Amy, My Margret said thank you for the email, she appreciated the information. The 93 lbs sure surprised her too, but my sisters and I believe you are never too big to sit in their laps. ~ nose nudges Bessie

  2. Hi Cammie, You are so right! Thanks, hot dogs and cheese make everything better. ~ nose nudges Bess

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