Three Ring Circus!

The three ring circus just finished their annual check up at our Vet’s. Bonnie weighed in at 72lbs and Belle weighed in at 78 lbs. all is well with our pups. No ear infection for our ear infection Queen Miss Belle. That was an added bonus! 
Both Greg and I went, the idea was to each have hold of a dog. Yeah…we need to work on that. Even with a bum knee Greg handled both pups at one time with ease while because of their excitement/ anxiety I couldn’t even hold on to one while standing/ walking. We did do some wonderful twists and turns though.


~this  My Margret “clearly needing to do some strengthening exercises” for the pups and kitties.

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    • I’m hoping we don’t have that kind of excitement gain for awhile. 🙂 According to the pups it’s always treat time! (yep as soon as they came home they got a treat, even Bessie so she wouldn’t feel left out!)

  1. Great news, especially about Miss Belle’s ears. I recently learned about (and bought) a new harness for Lucy. The leash attaches in the front. She immediately dropped into a heel instead of pulling me. The science behind it is that when the leash is hooked on the top of a harness, the dog’s instinct is to pull as if they are pulling a sled or cart or something. From the front, the pressure tells them to not go so fast. I got it at Pet Smart. If you decide to try it, let me (or everyone) know how it works.

    • We actually have those kind of harnesses from when the pups were younger. They worked really well. I need to get new ones now that they are older and bigger. Let me know how you like usingvit for Lucy.

      • To show the contrast, Andrew took Lucy out today to the pet store, and he said she is strong as a bull (well, she is a bully) with the leash hooked to her collar. She heels nicely or walks slightly ahead when she has on the harness, and doesn’t pull. Like night and day!

      • That is awesome! I’m glad the harness is working so well for Lucy. Isn’t funny how just a simple change can make such a difference.

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