Practically Perfect!

520B7D9C-F7F2-49DB-B783-7ACCFAA86BC9.jpegMy Margret and My Greg went with me to see Dr. Janelle for my once a year look over. First though I had to help My Greg get there. 40DA387F-6C1E-4386-B6AB-A6FED4BB9AD0.jpeg

Then when we got there I kept an eye on things outside and would report back to My Greg.121055E8-4DE2-4FFB-B49E-06E8598BED23.jpegCB3DF32B-6DD4-4643-996B-4D91B50C7577.jpeg

When it was our turn to go see Dr. Janelle I stopped off first to get weighed. My Margret says that I’m a 94 lb lap puppy!  Once we got into the exam room I wanted to go right back out but “sigh” nobody would open the door for me. So then I jumped up on the bench and leaned so far against the wall that Dr. Janelle said I was “one with the wall” whatever that means. Finally she told me I was a good girl and practically perfect in every way and then I heard the magic words. “Bessie, we can open the door for you!” And they did!

~this is Bessie “the practically perfect” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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    • Mrs. Amy, you make me laugh (and My Margret too)! But you know what, I think he did! ~ nose nudges Bessie

  1. Good girl, B. I don’t usually have much success getting out, once I’m inside the examining room, either. That place is tricky. I’m so happy all went well and you were pronounced perfect. I could’ve told you that and saved you the trip!

    Love and licks,

    • Aw thanks Cupcake, you’re pretty perfect yourself! I bet if we put our heads together we could figure out how to get out of the exam room and tell all of our friends. ~ nose nudges Bessie Pup

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