I Feel Muddy Oh So Muddy

We had 11 inches of snow that in the past couple of days due to warm temps has pretty much melted into a muddy muddy mess. Add today’s rain to that with more rain coming tomorrow and we have an even muddier muddy mess.

In honor of all that glorious mud the pups are singing their version of “I Feel Pretty” from the musical West Side Story.

Hit it Pups!

” I feel Muddy oh so Muddy…..”

Bonnie was very excited to have a solo….

~ this is My Margret “hey at least it’s not ice. And maybe Spring is on its way.” for the Pups and Kitties.

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  1. We are also dealing with mud issues. And now Lucy is refusing to go into the fenced dog lot so I am having to take her out front. (I don’t blame her.)

    • Belle quietly stays right inside the door to be wiped off. She does not like to be wet and muddy. Her sisters on the other hand would race throughout the house before being wiped down if allowed. Hang in there mud season doesn’t last forever.

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