Cheese Cheese and More Cheese

My Greg took me to the vet today to check my ears and the hotspot on my face. While we were waiting I became the official greeter and welcomed everyone and their pups when they came into the waiting room. I had a lot of people smile at me while they petted me, it was a lot of fun. Hmmm I wonder if they would put me on the staff? That would be a really fun job.

I have a doozy of an ear infection but my hotspot is better than it was yesterday. Dr Mr Vet was impressed that My Greg had trimmed the fur from my hotspot and said that was helping it to get better. He said it was going to take a few more days for my ear infection to get better and gave me more medicine. Which means…CheeseCheese

And more cheese.

I’m telling you it’s fingers licking good! (My tongue is almost as wide as three of My Margret’s fingers. Ha!!)

~ this is Bessie ” the you never can have too much cheese” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties

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