Physical Therapy Helpers

Our My Greg has exercises he does at home and we get to help him do them.

First Bonnie leans on his leg to help him get the most out of the extension stretches.

Belle gave Bonnie some help in making that three minutes go faster.

Next up Belle helps count down the minutes in the extension stretch while Bessie checks to see if his knee is going straighter.

Then Bessie makes sure My Greg’s knee is right where it needs to be for the flexion stretch. She also gave him a “doing a good job” kiss.

Our My Margret helps by counting down the minutes and seconds with all the exercises. And keeping really good notes to keep everything on track.

~ this is Bonnie, Belle and Bessie “the Team Greg” Pups for the Pups and Kitties.

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    • Thank you Cupcake! You were our inspiration when you told us how you helped your mom. ~ nose nudges The Pups

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