Rocking the Mellow Shirt.

My Margret notice durning the last thunder storm that Bonnie and I were kinda antsy too. So she decided we all needed to have a mellow shirt. My Greg said we needed colors that matched our collars. So mine is blue, Bessie’s is green, and Bonnie’s red.

I usually don’t like us wearing hats, tiaras, and bandanas because you know we look silly, so because we have a reputation to uphold I’ve been known to take them off of my sisters um …. Every Time.

Because of that My Margret assumed that I wouldn’t like wearing the mellow shirt. She was wrong it’s really comfy AND I like how I look in it.

~ this is Belle “the we’re rocking the mellow shirts” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

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