Love To Be Brushed

My sister Bessie and I love it when our My Margret brushes us.

In fact when we see her pick up our brush we run over to her, sit down and try to look really cute to try and convince her who gets to go first.

This time Bessie got to go first.

I kept a close watch to see if it was almost my turn. It took so long that I finally asked My Margret if it was almost time for me.

My Margret said ” Sweet Pup” (I like it when she calls me that) “hang on it’s almost your turn.” I’m telling you it took forever!

Finally it was Bessie asking when she was going to get another turn.

Not for awhile, Little Sister, not for awhile!

~ this is Bonnie “the I love to be brushed and you can take your time” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

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  1. That’s positively AMAZING, B. Whenever Mom tries to brush me, I get all hunchy and start running and jumping and sliding all over the house. Brushing makes me lose my mind.

    Love and licks,

      • Sorry Cupcake that was a big oops, My Margret sometimes hits the wrong button at the wrong time. Ok now lets try again! Does your mom follow you or does she just shake her head and put away the brush? ~ nose nudges Bonnie Pup.

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