Go Outside? Hmm Nope I’m Good Right Here. Thanks Though.

I like to play a game called if I don’t look at you then you can’t see me. I don’t usually win but I keep trying because you just never know…

Oh! Were you calling me?

~ this is Bonnie” the no thank you I’d rather not go outside.” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

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    • Hi Cupcake! Well I tried anyway. My Margret said I needed to go outside and keep my sisters company while she was at work. She said they would be lonesome without me. They didn’t look that lonesome to me! I shouldn’t complain it really wasn’t that bad outside, well it was hot but we have our porch and shade trees and lots of water. I’m just an inside loving pup. ~ nose nudges Bonnie Pup

  1. I like that idea Mrs. Amy! I am the rumply princess after all. ~nose nudges Bonnie Pup

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