Super Pup Capes!

Treats and super pup capes!

That’s how we rock an early Friday morning storm!

Okay and pacing, panting, and a bit of hiding. Whatever it takes right!

Bessie, Belle, BonnieBelle and BonnieBessie

~ this is Bessie, Belle, and Bonnie ” the wearing our super pup caps and rocking the storm” Pups for the Pups and Kitties.

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    • I’m very surprised at how still the pups are
      when I put theirs on. That is so unusual for them. Plus the fact that Belle, my I’m not wearing anything I wasn’t born with pup comes running when it’s time to put them one. So that shows me they are comforted when they wear them. I too wish they could show Penelope that it’s a good thing so she would want to wear hers.

  1. Storms would never touch such pretty girls decked out in their storm-preventing-finest. Looking good, girls. Strong and brave.

    Love and licks,

    • We try Cupcake, but sometimes it gets pretty loud. Maybe My Margret could get us earplugs! ~ nose nudges Bessie, Belle and Bonnie

  2. You girls still look a bit stressed, but I am sure your super storm capes make it almost all better. You have a smart and loving Mom.

    • You are right Mrs. Amy we still get kinda scared but our awesome super capes sure help a lot. We love our My Margret a whole bunch and try to show her every day.~ nose nudges Bessie, Belle and Bonnie

    • Thank you Cammie! We’ll try hard to remember that. ~ nose nudges Bessie, Belle and Bonnie

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